How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya?
How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya

Once thought of a website? Indeed, once you think of a website the thing that comes to your mind is the cost and this could be the hardest question to answer since each website has its own unique features.

We at Kanatech Systems we are a competent reliable and affordable website development company. our price varies from $350 to $1500, there are various factors that make our prices vary and below we have listed factors that make our prices differ

Type of website:

Different websites are made in different ways for this case the prices may vary, this factor mainly determines the price of a website, for example under this category a basic package may even have fewer pages compared to an online shop and for our case, a basic package should have a maximum of 10 pages. We also help you determine the type of website for your business.

 Domain and hosting:

Every website needs a home and an address where all the files live. As it is the case for real-life the bigger the compound the more expensive it is, for websites, there are some with unlimited disk space and others have a limitation of just 2GB disk space.

Website Maintenance:

Once your website is created it needs to be maintained, and for this factor, we as Kanatech Systems provide website maintenance depending on your package for our case a basic package we offer a one-month free

The list below are some of the factors, and with such factors, we have different packages


The different types of Mobile & Tablet Friendly website design packages:

  • The basic package, this is the cheapest website, its perfect for a small business it comes with one-month free maintenance and many more entrancing offers and with as low as Ksh 35,000 you can have this package.
  • Businesses packages, its perfect for small business looking to expand online presence, it comes with advanced footer options, website logo design, googles maps, live support, sitemap and 3 months support. The cost for this varies from Ksh 75000 onwards.
  • Corporate package, it’s perfect for businesses looking to expand online presence, comes with office photo photoshoot, domain and hosting on top for beginners we guide them on SEO and we even provide live support all other features for standard package are inclusive in this package. the package varies from ksh150,000 onwards.


           How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya?

How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya

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