Reasons why you must have a company website, in Kenya.
Reasons why you must have a company website, in Kenya.
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Reasons why you must have a company website in Kenya.

The digital era is here with us, meaning most of your business should be accessed through the Internet. Your company website now becomes a must as it brings your brand to the public online.

A good example is a website designer; the users need to interact with your website before engaging with you for business. This means a company website is necessary for all businesses in this digital era.

Below are some of the reasons why your company needs a website.

It helps you increase sales. 

Search Engine Optimization SEO, Google ranks for local searches means people around your place will know about your business just in case they search online. They also increase sales as new buyers will always tend to try new services or products they see people advocating online.

Some services or products can be sold online, like Ecommerce and companies selling books, etc.

The website lays the ground for your business.

Your clients will want to talk to you directly and engage with you, but they need to have information about your business to ask many questions. With a well-working website, your clients already know your brand and everything about your business, meaning there is enough time to discuss business once they engage with you.

Websites also allow clients and other people to know the existence of your business and more about the services and products you offer.

 It helps you get found.

When people search for anything online, you want your agency to be the top one to appear on the user screen. A good website guarantees this, and search rankings will boost your business’s competitiveness with others.

Blogs within your website mean that even things irrelevant to your business will bring clients to know about your existence.

Therefore, having a good website is a plus for the business.

It helps you differentiate your brand.

Websites usually bring a branding opportunity to your company; clients can see and view the brand before visiting your offices. These designs, visuals, and copyrights help convey the company’s brand.

Having a well-established website means your website is well-communicated.

It’s a web property you own.

Social media platforms are not a guarantee of success though they offer an advantage by placing information online. Users who encounter this information are willing to research the information they discovered, meaning a website is necessary.

Social networks provide little information and can only be relied on a little. The blogs on your website mean that keywords increase, and there is always a chance more and more people will learn about your business.

Control is usually with you regarding the website, unlike social media platforms with regulations and other rules.

It increases trust.

Clients want to trust your business before engaging in business with you. This means having a well-designed website can help create trust with them. Users are looking for a legitimate company to contend with, and providing them with reliable information means they are likely to engage in business with you.

Having a website means you take your business seriously.

It serves as your company’s digital brand.

The website act as your business office outside your working place. Therefore, having a well-designed website means your clients can access your company’s basic information – your location, working hours, what you do, who works there, etc.


People expect to find all this information quickly and easily on your website.

From Kanatech Systems, we conclude that a website is no longer an option but a MUST. Even if your business is not digital, having an online presence always helps increase the income generated. 


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