Benefits of choosing country code domain name( over a generic one (.com)
Why choose CO.KE code top-level domain
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What are ccTLDs?

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) indicates that your website is geared towards particular geographic regions or a country. For example, .ke is for Kenya, .uk – for the United Kingdom, etc.

     Country-code domain name over a generic one

Country code top-level domains(ccTLD)are used to show that your website is matched towards a particular geographic region/country, for example, for Kenya, the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) which is the global coordination of the DNS root, Ip address, and other Ip internet protocols publishes a domain list of the ccTLDs available.

ccTLD has many advantages compared to the generic domain name its so advantageous to use ccTLD when looking to target the local markets so as to coordinate your online marketing efforts. due to their local nature, they possess many advantages over global domain extensions which include:

(a) Improve local SEO and secure a top search position in local searches.

Search engines always give out results that are relevant to what one searched. as they give these results they give priorities to websites using ccTLDs. this applies also to search engine optimization (SEO) also since using ccTLD gives you a higher SEO value for country-based search results and the higher you rank on the search engine result page the more likely clients you will log in to your site.

ccTLDs are the strongest way to rank a website in a certain country organically.

(b) They target the local market easily.

As it is with day-to-day lives people feel comfortable around people they know where they come from and are near them the same applies to business, people tend to trust businesses located in their countries and with websites using the local country-code extensions they are trusted.

With the help of ccTLD, you can target a specific market even if you are not located there even when you are not located in the same country if you register your site under the corresponding ccTLD e.g. .ug ccTLD you can target Uganda even if you are not located there.

(c) Inspire trust to your website.

When you make your clients believe that you are from that country, they are likely to trust you. ccTLDs are good for credibility and they give visitors to your website confidence. since they consider the website to be local, customers may trust you most likely if your address matches the place they know as compared to a foreign address.

People also like transacting with the currency they have as compared to when they have to exchange .as result customers feel proud buying from you as they tend to believe you are from the same country and you share a common language.

(d) Domain names hack to getting the name you want.

With short, memorable, and SEO-friendly domains coming with a very high cost that medium companies may not manage. the invention of domain hack has really helped. a domain hack is when a word or name is formed using both the domain name and ccTLD together which has no limit to the combinations you can come up with e.g., on can use which uses the Ireland ccTLD and it can also be a phrase

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