What a well designed website can do?
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What a well-designed website can do?

The website design should focus on achieving specific goals, including the website user’suser’s experience. Websites act as a way of advertising brands online; hence, ensuring it is well designed is highly important.

Your website should focus on the audience and provide a good experience for them; this helps your business and your audience. Therefore, one must avoid making any errors in design.

Here we will discuss some of the reasons why a good website design is essential, mainly from the audience’saudience’s perspective.


Brand colors that go hand in hand with your logo and brand identity elements make it easier for the website to have those specific colors. When starting from scratch, it is advisable to read about color associations before selecting the colors.

Depending on the brand association you want to form, colors are different, and colors bring about emotions and thoughts. For example:

  • Blue- most users associate it with trust.
  • Black- high-quality products are produced. The customers view that image thinking of sound products.

Brand image. Your website stands and represents everything about your brand. The brand image mainly brings the first impression of a specific business. Brand identity should be kept consistent across the website, which may involve

  1. Colors.
  2. Fonts.
  3. images

It is advisable to select a web design element carefully and then use it consistently. These elements include;

Layout           It should be simple while still drawing attention to the essential parts and remaining clean. The menu options provided should be based on audience preferences. By conducting testing, it is easier to understand which works best with the audience.

The use of a grid format adds structure to the website.

Fonts and typography –        The font should be easy-to-read and visible from your selected background color. Depending on the audience, the choice of fonts varies. Younger people will, in this case, prefer fun and stylish fonts, while older people will go with clean and simple ones because they are easier to read.

The brand personality helps decide whether the fonts are professional, fun, and youthful.

Website Accessibility

The main aim of designing a website is to reach the audience from any part without them physically appearing. This means that your design website should be accessible to all audiences.

Accessible can simplify the whole process by providing you with a code.

The accessible AI scans and analyzes your website to ensure it complies with all accessibility-related laws (ADA, WCAG, Section 508) in just 48 hours. This will help you avoid any accessibility-related lawsuits and include a more significant number of people in your audience.

Site navigation.

The goals of a good website involve one in which your audience can easily navigate through the site and quickly find the information they need at the lowest possible time.

Good website navigation prevents visitors from getting lost and making their experience horror.

User friendly.

Most users opt for a website they will engage with before taking their desired action. A good website should aim at making this a reality, providing the best user experience.


A well-designed website can:

  1. Help you form a good impression on prospective customers.
  2. It can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions.
  3. It provides a good user experience.
  4. Allows your website visitors to access and navigate your website with ease.

Website design is an important matter and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, when looking for designers to create your website, vet them well and ensure they can design user-friendly and accessible websites.

If you already have a website, you can always conduct a site audit and optimize it to provide a better user experience and improve accessibility.


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