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Website Development can be discussed inform of stages, the website being the business. The following are the phases of

Website Design & Development Stages

 1st phase – Gathering of Information

This being the first and crucial phase it involves gathering information. it mainly involves analyzing the needs and requirements of the client. Here the designer puts down the client’s ideas into paper. It is also well to note the need for a website, the goals for creating the website, and the type of content the target audience will be looking for.

 2nd phase – Planning

The majority of the clients believe that planning leads to formulating a nice website, this comes after information gathering. It involves prioritizing tasks for website completion. Decisions are made involving contents and menus for the website.

3rd phase – Designing

This phase involves more creativity in designing the website. The designer sketches after understanding the needs and expectations of clients. involves logo design, selecting templates, etc.

4th phase – Development

The fourth stage involves the implementation of the previous phases. All available information, which has been collected, is integrated. It involves activities like programming and data creation.


5th phase – Testing & Delivery

This comes after the development phase and involves testing via Questions & Answers. Websites testing is subdivided into content testing, functional testing, and design testing. After testing files are uploaded to the server, installation, configuring, and plugins in WordPress. Testing is done another time to check if files are uploaded successfully and if the website is responding. Launching is done and the website is made viewable to the public.

6th phase – Maintenance

Maintenance is the last phase, it involves updating the contents and design of the website. The majority time maintenance is provided for a limited time but the user might decide to extend the services by paying.



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