Tips for Selecting a Web Design Agency
Web Design Agency In Nairobi, Kenya

5 Tips for Selecting a Web Design Agency In Nairobi, Kenya

The following are tips concerning the right web agency for your business needs.

When finding the best web design agency, clients look for those that produce sites that draw in loads of web traffic. A client’s goal is to find an agency to help their business improve its online presence.

Agency portfolio modern world people will be more comfortable with what they see rather than hear. Convincing clients of quality work is better brought out through a portfolio. The portfolio indicates the way they handle their tasks in brief.

There are many things to look at in a portfolio. Below are examples: –

  1. Consistent branding throughout a website
  2. Project timelines 
  3. Clients words
  4. Case studies
  5. Interactive Features

Showing the work’s impact on the results can also be a deciding factor.

  1. Costs

We ask ourselves a question, what are the costs?

You are working out the cost involved in the whole process of hiring your web design agency. As the client, the first step is to determine what you can afford by weighing up the finances and the available budget for the website design agencies.

Depending on the agencies, it is easier to know the cost since some have flat rates with just add-ons for other design elements.

In the case of SEO, most sites will require an addition in the payments in order for them to improve it for you. After-sale services like prolonged support can also be offered by other agencies but will be more expensive. 

It is advisable to know the cost of the whole process before committing.

  1. Communication 

One needs to know who you can call or write texts to speak about any issues or even track the progress making communication a necessity when working with a website design agency.

A communication channel must be reliable in case there is a need. For example, the project team communicates with the web designers directly, not others—the manager communicating with the web designers.

In the case of big agencies with a management panel, the decision-making process takes longer; therefore, it would be advisable to establish points of contact when speaking with the agency.

  1. Support

The kind of support you will receive. After settling with whom to communicate, the type of support they offer should be noted to avoid seeking unwanted help.

Among the agencies, some offer support during and even once the whole design process is complete. However, it is better to note and be clear about the support services one receives.

For example, you receive maintenance support behind the scenes even after the design process. The agency monitors your website and keeps it in perfect condition even when used.

Those not offering support should be a no-try when hiring web design agencies.

  1. Technology 

It implies the kind of technology and, in other cases, the platform the agency (website design agency) uses to create and monitor your website. Check if it is what your website needs; some use CMS like WordPress. 

Go for those that emphasize UX design and customization. Ensuring that they develop a unique website, offering excellent user experience for everyone that visits.

Due to different technologies, websites that adapt to other viewing platforms are needed.


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