The Top Trends in Kenyan Website Design
The Top Trends in Kenyan Website Design for 2023
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With the evolvement of technology, the new decade has to be an exciting one for web designers and developers with infinite web design trends emerging hence there is much to look for this year.

And for that there are some new features that should be looked at. in web design there are obvious new trends that address issues like accessibility, UX, and responsiveness

At Kanatech Systems, we keep finding the latest styles that help us find out what the clients need to see while maintaining creative balance.

Here are some of the website design trends

Divided screen designs

Having a split screen is another exciting web design trend, this can help display content concurrently, and this design will help come up with attractive, well-organized websites that are rich in information.

This technique may involve a combination of certain elements like vibrant colors, and the use of white space. The technique also works well on mobile and this can help websites to look more attractive and deliver separate messages that are of great importance

Use of SVG picture format

Scalable vector Graphics is a vector format that can be resized without losing their quality. This format is of great importance as one can use small images which can be zoomed in. With Kanatech Systems you are guaranteed to use of the best format for your logo or images.

Video content

You can include a short video clip on your website as part of the introduction. video clips have become an efficient way as you can even post them on your social media channels. Usually, video clips have a higher retention rate when done perfectly by people with experience and they can have a lasting impression. Hence incorporating such video clips into your website will be of great help and benefit to your company.

Using 3D images:

There is a steady increase in the use of 3D as it’s becoming more popular due to its ability to reimagine reality, hence in 2023 it is expected that websites are likely to use more 3D elements

Designing with Bold typography

 Typography is generally the art of arranging letters or text in a way that makes it legible, clear, and appealing to the reader typography can be used as a good feature to set the tone, message, and theme of the website.

Hence bold typography can be used to tell your brand story

Flapping vibrant colors

Colors are the most powerful tools for a designer learning how to use colors well can bring about clear and eye-catching websites, colors are actually the most effective ways to get the attraction. You can decide to play with a mixture of colors for the background and create unique designs.

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