What are the steps in designing a website?
steps in designing a website in Kenya

Designing a website is never too easy. As Kanatech systems, we understand that designing a winning website requires a well-thought-out strategy focused on reaching clients’ goals.

Here we consider the following simple steps in designing a website in Kenya.

  • Goal identification:

Here is where we sit down with the client and determine the goals of how the final product should look like. this is the most important step toward any website design. We as Kanatech Systems we consider the customers’ needs as well as advising him/her on the most appropriate if need be.

  • Scope definition:

Here we consider that once you set goals with the client his mind may gradually change and may need more work. we as Kanatech Systems we do set contracts to deal with such issues.

  • Sitemap and wireframe creation:

Like it’s the case when building a house there must be a blueprint the same will apply when building a website. the sitemap provides the foundation for any well-designed website it also explains the relationship between the various pages and content elements. We as Kanatech Systems we sketch as part of planning.

  • Content creation:

Once the framework of your website is in place, that means you have a bigger picture of the site in mind now we start creating content for individual pages, always keeping in mind search engine optimization (SEO), getting your keyword and keyword phrase right is essential for the success of any website. Content that is well written, informative, and keyword-rich is more easily picked up by search engines for our case, the client provides the bulk of content but usually, we guide them.

  • Visual elements:

At this point, it’s time to create the visual style of the site, currently, the images are taking on a more significant role in website design, high-quality images will give a professional look, communicate a message and help build trust. We as Kanatech Systems we offer packages that come with professional photography that will give the best visual style.

  • Testing:

Once the site has all its contents and visuals its time to go through each page and confirm that all links are working and there are no code errors, in case there are mistakes its time to rectify them we as Kanatech Systems host your website on our servers before transferring to client host to ensure that all is well.

  • Launch :

Once you have tested it and it’s working, you need to know to open it for everyone. this happens to be the most favorite part for the client.

  • Site maintenance:

Websites are living and they need constant maintenance. You need to update content and fix broken links.

We as Kanatech Systems we offer up to six months of free maintenance for corporate packages and up to 3 months of free support for the Website design business package.

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Francis Thige

Francis Thige

Francis Thige is the Managing Director at Kanatech Systems. We improve your business by designing and developing a Website, Logo, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Branding Services .

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