Static and Dynamic Website
Static and Dynamic Website Services in Nairobi

Static and Dynamic Website

These are common terms that you might have come across once in a while but if you need a quality website you need to understand what is meant by these terms and the advantages that come with each.

(a) Dynamic Website:

This is a type of website that is developed using advanced server technologies like PHP, javascript, or this will lead you to have dynamic web pages i.e. these are webpages that are interactive in nature and they dynamically change according to geography or user type. A dynamic website can be connected to a database and this enhances that you can pull data when needed in general, this helps create a user-driven page as the content changes according to user commands.

A dynamic website is the most recommended website, it comes with more advantages including the following:

  1. respond with various screen sizes: A dynamic website is easily updated to enhance devices with bigger screens that have a different view than the ones with the small screen. This enhances that all users enjoy nice views.
  2. Easy to update: A dynamic website can easily be modified according to the needs of the owner no expert knowledge is needed in updating a dynamic website and just a simple change in the template can change the appearance of the whole website hence very easy to update
  1. Highly interactive: With dynamic websites, users can interact with the website and the website changes with the behavior of the user.
  1. Enhance smooth navigation: A dynamic website allows easy navigation from one web page to another without any trouble or without having to seek additional training although dynamic websites are the best their main disadvantage is that they are expensive. As a dynamic website, you will need to go deeper into your pocket to enjoy this type of website.

(b) Static Website:

As the name states, they consist of static web pages; these are pages that are static and the user can not interact with them. When it comes to technicality a static website is usually developed in HTML and CSS which are considered lower compared to dynamic websites which consist of PHP. A static website can simply be described as having the physical documents presented on a site. A static website has many disadvantages compared to a dynamic website. The main advantage of static websites is that they are very cheap since with their development they don’t require much time and skills they are cheaper.

The disadvantages of a static website include:

  • Hard to make changes: The main disadvantage is that it’s very hard to make changes to the becomes very hard that for a simple change to be made it would need a professional web developer to make changes unlike with dynamic where the owner can do it with simple guidance:


  • Limited functionality: they have limited functionality; they may not offer many functionalities as a dynamic website would.

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