Offered Services by Website Designers Related to Website Design
Offered Services by Website Designers in Nairobi Kenya

The moment you offer Website design services to clients, the same client may require other related services which are not part of web design. This helps increase revenue earned from each successful client, through this fewer clients can generate enough money to run your web design agency.

Clients benefit since they do not move around sourcing another service provider. An agency that concentrates all its operations and provides multiple services is likely to be the choice for clients who do not want to work with several agencies but only one.

The following are some of the answers to the question “Related services website design designers offer”, though they rely on personal experience and expertise of the services you choose to offer.

  • Cyber Security

Although many platforms have a lot of cyber security prevention systems pre-built in, new exploitation is coming out every month. All causing their website to be penetrable and potentially destroying their business overnight if a hacker finds his way in. Getting a cyber-security team to carry out a penetration test will expose all the exposed vulnerabilities of the website. Fixing these vulnerabilities will lock down their site evermore protecting their business and livelihood.

  • Logo Design

Every business needs a logo, and many of your web design clients will also be looking for a logo designer. If you build a website for a startup, they’ll probably need a logo. If you’re doing a website redesign for a client with an existing business, this may be a good time for that client to consider updating their brand image with a new logo.

Offering the service separately helps increase revenue for the web design agency.

  • Spam Prevention

Every client takes spam as an annoying thing which for us is an opportunity. Google’s free recaptcha is an example of software to help you prevent spam as much as possible whether they come directly to the inbox or through a contact form on the already available website.


  • Business Cards

In the process of designing new websites, clients may be interested in having a business card or even changing their business cards in the case where they have one. During the design process as the designer, you’ve compiled a color pallet for their brand which makes the business card design the easiest task.

  • Reputation Management

In this online era, a lot of businesses mind so much about their reputation which in turn becomes an opportunity to cash in. These services include:

  • Improving their already available reputation.
  • Recovering from negative reviews online.

The clients benefit since their trust and credibility makes a huge difference when it comes to consumers.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has continued to be expensive prompting businesses to opt for other ways to market their products this being one of them. Platforms like:

  • MailerLite
  • SendGrid


Help in this process depends on the user’s needs.

  • Graphics, Animations, Banners, and Advertisements

This is another advertising way on the same website you have designed for the client. By offering graphic design services as well the already website content can be transformed into a better digital form. Animations and banners keep the clients, in this case, web page users, concentrating on the page while good graphics and advertisements help also since users stay on the page for a longer time.

  • Booking Facilities

For clients that go beyond website design and need services like their users booking meetings and appointments, integrating these services into their daily schedule means more cost-increasing revenue for your agency.

  • E-Commerce

The latest trend in Kenya allowing online payment using m-pesa allows clients to reduce the employees needed in the sales department and help the agency increase their revenue.

Other payment options to integrate include:

  • Visa
  • Master card


  • Analytics

Following up on the performance of the website after designing is another way of raising revenue. Using the available software, Google Analytics, which needs little setup but performs by giving huge insights about the web page.

The information obtained includes the pages which are being visited and the channels being used to access those pages. Further decisions in the organizations become more accurate since the information got is from the audience and can influence the marketing plans.

SEO, web design, and optimization of the search engine for your clients bring in more and more clients.

This SEO includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Conversion Tracking & Performance
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Monthly Reporting


If the client does not have any social media platforms, which include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram

Creating content for the above platforms helps retain the sales (or rates in the case of services) .they can also provide another communication channel between the consumer and the company, the web page owner.

  • Written Creation

The content should focus on:

  • What are their services/products are
  • Writing specifically for their target audience
  • The features and benefits of their product/services
  • Content being created specifically targeting keyword


This is also another form of cheaper digital advertising which is an opportunity to web designing agencies. Written content for any website help by explaining what the client offer. Though the most expensive in terms of time since a lot of background search of the company is needed but after designing their website it becomes easy.


  • Photography

Whether directly or indirectly photos of the clients and their company always put the image of the company at a better step compared to the others (in this case the competitors). Adding the cost means even an option of outsourcing a professional photographer leaves in more cash to the agency outside website design.

  • Web Hosting

Although the last way we discuss this is the most common one for web designing agencies. Agencies buy a huge hosting package and end up sharing it with their clients at a cost. It is advisable to remember that this process allows the clients to access their website and manage them through an enabled way of using cpanel.

Higher performing websites may not be favorable and others like:

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Dedicated servers

Help in better quality.

  • Ad Design and management

Most of your web design clients will do advertising of some kind, and they may not have the capability to design those ads in-house. It could be banner ads used online, magazine ads, billboards, or any other type of advertising.

As an ad manager, you could create ads for your clients, set up the campaigns, continually test and manage the campaigns, and provide reports that show the results to your clients.


 In conclusion

The above are just ways of increasing your income generation. Professionally we would advise focusing to be on a few things but it is a nice idea to have other services to increase the profitability of your business.

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