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Questions we ask our clients as a web design company

A website is usually very key for your online presence, investing in web design could come with so many gains, and hence it’s very wise to invest in quality web design. Hence in designing a website you need to get professional web designers who have a lot of expertise in web design.

There are certain questions a web design company should ask you so as to help in designing your website and learn more about what you do. here are some questions that a web design company should ask when designing a website

  1. What does your business do?

This happens to be the most automatic question a web design company should ask. This will help create for you the best website. a web design company needs to know what your business does, the history of your business, the products or services that you offer, your employees, and more. The purpose of all these questions is to help understand in detail what your business does and how it operates

When the web designer finally understands your business, they can figure out the best shape that reflects your business’s best

  1. What’s your deadline?

 It is expected that the web designer should know exactly at what day and time should the website be complete. This mainly helps solve the problem of unpleasant surprises and makes the project less Is advisable to divide the project into phases where the customer can have a say every time a phase is complete.

  1. What is your budget?

This happens to be the trickiest question but it is always advisable to ask, this question helps solves problems regarding the payment after the project is done, knowing the budget will help determine most likely the kind of human resource and time to invest in a project and the client can be well aware of what to expect according to the scope of the budget.

That’s why professional companies like us @knanatech systems we always have the different prices for different websites with timelines

  1. Do you have a website?

This certainly can be one of the most important questions but looks like a silly question, it is always advisable for a web design company to ask this question, this will help the design company to know how much effort they will invest in your business, if the business already has a website, it would require less effort since the web designer will only have to change the current one according to the likes of the business and what they feel need to be changed unlike when a business doesn’t have a website where the web designer will have to start from the beginning.

  1. How is your company unique?

Each company across the globe has a very unique thing to offer to customers, may it be small or big it should be incorporated in your website. a web design company should always ask this question. As it can be an important selling factor. the unique thing can help you have an upper hand over your competitors once incorporated into the website

  1. What features do you want on your site?

It is key for a web designer to know what are the key features that one wants to incorporate into the website, there are many features including emails, sign-up bars, social media icons, incorporation of videos or maybe color choices

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