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Every business would love its website to be displayed on the first page of google for a given search term to happen to archive this you need to follow some steps to enhance that you have the right keywords that will make your website displayed.

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization are key and very important and should be taken seriously especially when the business Is new as it attracts things like traffic and ranking

Step 1: Have a strong foundation:

These are the initial basics that come in .to achieve these you need to have some key things like

  • Having a strong website: this entails having among the best websites which can be guaranteed with a quality company like Kanatech systems
  • Have a good network around your website: This entails having a good built-in network to be uploading your content this entails having followers on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
Step 2: Conduct keyword research:

You need to do a fact-checking to determine which keyword to target .in this stage you should make a list of close variations to the keyword you will choose a thing to consider may include;

  • Have a keyword-relevant to what you do: you are most likely to succeed in ranking if the term is related to what you do
Step3: Look onto the competition:

Once you have chosen your keyword. it’s time to carry out research on it and realize what your competitors are doing. The main aim of this step is to find a way to make yourself unique. Around here you should pay attention to

  • How they integrate the title tags and keyword
  • What content is ranking?
  • What business is ranking?
 Step 4: Plan for the content;

Its time to plan on the actual content, you are to do things that will hopefully rank your chosen keyword, there are many ways which may include; articles, blog posts a video an infographic

Step 5: Implement:

It’s time to execute your plan, this step is very important and should not be rushed at this stage it is good to remember that search engines are looking for quality content that is of benefit to the searcher

Step 6: Publish:

It’s time to publish your content to the world

Step 7: Promote:

This step should follow publishing.  for this step, you maximize the maximum number of eyeballs possible. The thing to consider in this step.

  • Have links to your content
  • Share your content via your business social media accounts; Twitter, and Facebook.
Step 8: analyze:

The web is always a live medium and there is always room to better optimize your content, look for rank-checking tools as well as use analytics to check for you what you are ranking for.

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Francis Thige

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