Importance of Website Design for Business in Kenya
Importance of Website Design for Business in Kenya

Importance of Website Design for Business in Kenya

In Kenya, when creating a website, aesthetics is a crucial part of your business website. Attracting the right audience to your website requires some features to work well, and the website itself is easy to navigate. Even with limited time, your clients get to see your website and everything. 

The more the user is satisfied, the better the website and its functionality. The following are some of the importance of web design and how to keep the already available audience.

Help to make a good impression. It Helps You Make A Good First Impression

When working with the organization, expenses and where to reduce, one should avoid cutting the costs on the aesthetic. Depending on the agency contracted, they use different ways to pull their target audience. But in a beautiful web design, it would be advisable to have a great first impression.

In a country where the citizens judge within a blink of an eye, those not impressed with the web design will move away from the website, and those impressed will stay and interact with it. Therefore, it is advisable to have a website with an excellent first impression to better influence the clients.

Customer perception is another factor that can be influenced by the website’s design. If the brand sells excellently, the web design aesthetic may.

Distractions in the page can be solved by designing a landing page helping all clients, mainly those at the bottom of your sales funnel, perform purchases.

  1. Audience Retention

Any business wants users, in this case, clients, to load their website faster. Google states that internet users have a maximum of 8 seconds to load any page before they bounce off your web page. The slower your website is, the more the charges and the fewer the clients. Therefore, the better the website, the more it should load faster.

Some factors help improve page load time: –

  1. Website plugins- a good design will pare down plugins with aesthetics.
  2. Web hosting – making a particular page is intuitive.
  3. Contents- making sure the page load times are improved.


The solution is to perform testing of the page. If the intuitive design helps your clients understand where they are and what you want them to do, your website will succeed. Otherwise, if they do, your web page has achieved ultimately, and the clients will gain interest.

  1. Improving SEO

It is worth noting that your Web Design Helps Improve your SEO

This is the thing that any business should always refrain from joking with since one wants their website to appear in searches and rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Good designers create a good marriage of content elements.

When it comes to SEO, the business should be okay with it, though they need perfect balance for them to work. When SEO needs to be better, it is understood as allowing your competitors to be ranked better than you. This would be an unfair battle in the online world. Therefore, a good SEO would be an added advantage for better competitiveness in the online market. 

Search engine optimization works to help the client have a great time on your website. SEO elements work on your pages. 

  1. Gaining trust 

It Gains Your Audience’s Trust

Clients will hate poorly-designed websites and end up losing their trust. Such things include outdated and neglected web pages. Other clients even keep bad memories of the website and how bad the experience was.

Big companies account for their web pages to gain the trust of their clients, i.e., business reviews. Clients, once they spend their money on your website, expect a frictionless experience.

Worth noting that a good business (web design) and consistent brand image help in increasing trust with the clients. Clients, while browsing, need a smooth time and a good experience with your website.

  1. Sales alteration

 Web Design Helps with The Sales Journey

Not only does a good website look attractive or professional, but the business also benefits through other factors. Some of the factors include: –

  1. Powerful navigation tool – helps the clients move around the website quickly.
  2. Layout – makes navigation intuitive. Mainly when performing check-ins.
  3. Good design – through the division of the site into several sections and categories 
  4. Navigation- making all navigation elements clickable and accurate.

The above work towards achieving a beautiful yet functional website for your web page. Making the clients find every step easy for them to do or perform. Also, essential pages should always be visible but closer to the first page. 


Our thoughts: –

Website design plays a vital role in the success of any business in Kenya. Creating the best user experience is tricky, but good design practices help achieve that. We are using our guide above. You can understand how to create a web page with superiority getting you increased sales.

Finally, as KANATECH SYSTEMS, a fantastic website design brings out your company’s best face to the clients for them to see.


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