How to keep your SEO ranking after rebranding – KanaTech Sys
How to keep your SEO ranking after rebranding - KanaTech Sys

SEO ranking is very key and should not be forgotten even after one decides to redesign the whole site, rebranding provides an opportunity for the company to manifest a new vision and have a new first impression this may include changing your logo, name

Why preserve your SEO?

SEO ranking is very vital to appealing to new prospects and leading traffic to your site, neglecting SEO will lead to a very slow start to your new site

Here are some quick steps to ensure that you keep your SEO ranking after rebranding

(a) Identify what ranks you highly.

It is advisable to identify what brought you more success in the past to help identify and strategize for the future, you can look for tools that will help you identify which keyword you ranked highly for, in case of additional pages begin your keyword research from scratch

(b) Always follow up.

Immediately after you rebrand make sure to do some follow-ups, you need to confirm that the transition has taken place smoothly, here you must confirm that your most important and helpful links are UpToDate with the new brand information

(c) Maintain your  content

Never do away with the old content even if it is outdated since this information has been indexed by Google bots and is very important and that is where you get your credibility

(d) Set up redirects correctly

It is important to redirect every page you had on your previous site to the one that corresponds to it on the new site to maximize user experience and boost your search engine results

(e) Make google aware of your changes:

This is very important and very key once your site is complete and you have launched your new website it’s time to make search engines aware of your changes, this can simply be made by its doing updates on your google search console. Considering the changes, you have made you will have to submit an updated sitemap.xml file detailing the changes you have made

(f) Advocate for your new Brand:

It’s time to let the world know that you have made changes and for this, you will have to do it on all your social media account e.g., Facebook, and Twitter. You can as well email all your customers to notify them of the changes to avoid scenarios where they meet new appearances and think it’s not the same organization.


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