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Appearing on the front page of Google search results is a very big deal to many people in business. Considering Google’s partnership with Twitter in recent years, it’s a great reminder to keep your tweets SEO friendly. Tweets show up in Google search results, so you should utilize this tool accordingly. Taking this step further, certain brands with a very active presence will show up in a carousel unit in Google search results. This means that when you search a brand on Google if they meet certain requirements and have been selected by Google, their Twitter page will appear in the search results with a carousel of their recent tweets on display.

This is great exposure for any brand. Those searching on Google are not necessarily Twitter users. The results are completely public and Twitter isn’t required for users to see the tweets. You aren’t required to have any sort of advertising campaign to show up in Google’s search results or to earn a tweet carousel.

Having your Twitter appear as a search result when people type your name or business into Google will help more people learn about your Twitter. It makes you much more searchable and therefore widens your audience.  Here’s what a Twitter profile as a search result looks like:

So, can you earn a tweet carousel for your business in Google search results? Maybe. The bottom line is that it’s up to Google, but you can certainly give your brand the best possible chance to be chosen and featured.


Here are a few tips on how to earn a tweet carousel:

  • Clean up your page 
  • Tweet Frequently & Consistently 
  • Increase Engagement 
  • Gain a few hundred followers 
  • Increase Interaction 

Think of it in terms of tweet volume and regularity, interaction, followers and more. This is likely combined also with the strength and relevance of your website in the context of the search query. There is no guaranteed way, at this time, to ensure that your brand has a tweet carousel on the front page of Google. However, following the above steps is the best way to ensure the possibility for earning one.

Now that you’ve learned how to up your Twitter game, you better make sure your other platforms match the new standard you have set. Drop us a line to schedule a digital marketing strategy Nairobi for your brand!

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