How to gain targeted customers rather than all customers to your website.
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How do you find your customer online?

Every business’s main goal is to make a profit and to make a profit you need to improve your sales which will all read to the basic thing of getting more customers.

Because targeted customer->sales->profit.

With the advanced technology, a huge percentage of potential customers are found online, but there are some quick ways to basically get your customers online.

  1. Organic visitors from Search Engines to your website by doing SEO:

This is the process of improving your rankings in organic (unpaid) search engines like google, and Bing. organic SEO tactics involve keyword research, link building, and the creation of content.

  1. Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is mainly the use of social media platforms string as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  1. Applying PPC ads:

PPC stands for pay-per-click. This is a mode of advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked essentially, it’s a simple way of buying visits to your site

The main way and the most powerful way are getting customers from a search engine (google) as well as every targeted customer you have. And for this, you need to focus on your on-page search engine optimization (SEO) this mostly involves adding blogs to your website that is keyword rich to gain more potential clients, technical SEO, and also some marketing.

In general, having the product is one thing and marketing is very important that is why SEO is regarded as a key plus digital marketing.

Here consider 2 questions:


If your product is good but you do not have any customers, think about how you sell it?

The same thing, if you have customers but your product is not up to the mark, how do you sell?

For this I told you already, that you need to focus on both of these. Build good quality products or services and gain customers’ attention.


So, you need to gain targeted customers rather than all customers. And SEO is the very best way to gain.


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