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Sketching is among the most important process in UI design. It involves offline design with a pen and paper, which helps in the proper visualization of the task. In sketching the designer must not be an artist to put the idea down on paper rather what is needed is just the idea.

Sketching as a way of conveying ideas

A sketch is the first step in the process of any website design project. In the case of teamwork from the word go the sketch might bring clear ideas of what might happen with the design. Sketching mainly helps in keeping the project going on, clarity of ideas in case needed, and the much-needed feedback.

Why use sketches?

  1. Creating wireframes – they help the designer know the components of the web design.
  2. Creating notes also reminders – they help one recall information concerning design discussions.
  3. A sketch communicates better and faster since everyone can see the suggestion quickly compared to emails which can get lost.
  4. Sketches can show movement, acting like flowcharts. They can also change design concepts or even versions.

Sketch and creativity in website design ideas

Scientists believe that majority of designers’ greatest achievements of design originated as a result of them playing around with their notebooks. Sketching, whether planning or not planning to do design work, helps in visualizing creativity and showing better possibilities. Once the designer doodle’s freely it helps him in solving whichever problem. Coloring and doodling invite creativity into the design by freeing the thoughts and penning them down on paper.

Sketch to shape ideas

Through sketching a designer shapes ideas very fast.  This process requires no installation of software but rather just a pencil and a piece of paper. In teamwork, multiple thoughts are put down at one time helping everyone get their ideas out in the open. Sketching helps in the fast and efficient adoption of any concept, that is, through the available sketch the designer and developer can go into the code and implement those ideas into workable solutions. This avoids too much dependence on one person’s computer since the rest of the team is involved.

Sketching has benefits: –

  • Saves time.
  • Sketching does not have barriers.
  • The sketching process is quick.
  • It embodies one of the tenets of good design – by showing not explaining.

  • Sketches as not final pieces

Wisely enough to note that sketches do not have to be nice or attractive, rather they should just be doodles, blobs or squiggles. The main goal of sketching is to allow creativity through exploring ideas and thoughts that make sense but are rather hard to articulate. Unlike art where the sketch is refined to become the final piece, in designing the aim of sketching is to come up with a goal.

In the majority of cases teams might decide to use unofficial language example: – Arrows, Circles, and Underlines are commonly used for notations. They might contain marks or even text and sometimes instructions.

Sketching in teamwork creates a culture where an idea can be visualized in many forms. This creates equilibrium for designers and the rest of the team. Sketching attracts designers, developers, copywriters, etc allowing everyone to be involved in each and every step of the project.


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